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Arceus Serial Code Christmas Present Confirmed!!

 Arceus Screen Shot


**Game footage not final

Arceus will be distributed on December 21st 2015 via our Maxsoft Facebook Page.

A Christmas Present from the Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Maxsoft!!

You can only download the Pokémon on the US and Japanese Software of:

  • Pokémon Omega Ruby
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokémon X
  • Pokémon Y

There are limited quantities for the distribution conducted.

This promotion period will end on December 25th 2015 or when the codes are exhausted.

Last Day of Redemption is on January 30th 2016.

For More Information please visit:

Pokemon XY8 Pre Release





Event Name: Pokémon XY8 Break Through Pre Release Tournament

Event Date & Venue:
1) 31 October 2015 (Sat) - 15-10-001459 - Rowell Video, Blk 152 Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-316
2) 1 November 2015 (Sun) - 15-11-000469 - Active Game Collections, 8D/E Yio Chu Kang Road, ICB Shopping Centre #01-1277, Lorong Ah Soo
Entry Fee: $38SGD
24 Slots Per Location
Admission Time: 1pm - 2pm
Starting Time: 2.30pm




Pokemon TCG Indonesia Regional Championship 2015 - 2016 Information

Pokemon TCG Indonesia Regional Championship 2015 - 2016 Information
Event Name: Pokémon TCG Indonesia Regional Championship 2015-2016
Event ID: 15-12-000025 (Sanctioned Premier Event)
Event Date: 5th December 2015 - 6th December 2015
Location: Toys City at Lotte Shopping Avenue (LoVe)
Address: Kav. 3 - 5 Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Setiabudi
Entrance Fee: 50,000 IDR (MASTER DIVISION ONLY)
Junior & Senior Entrance Fee: FREE, unless each of their respective division has 5 or below players. If not 50,000 IDR entrance fee applies.
Admission Time: 10.30am - 11.30am
Starting Time: 12pm

All participants will receive 3 Play! Points, and a Pokémon National Championships promo card (while supplies last), just for playing!
[ Category: Modified - Expanded ]
The Extended format is the current tournament format for this Pokémon Organized Play premier event. A Legal Deck for the Extended format 2015–2016 tournament season can only contains 60 cards from the following expansion:
[ ] Black & White
[ ] BW Emerging Powers
[ ] BW Noble Victories
[ ] BW Next Destinies
[ ] BW Dark Explorers
[ ] BW Dragons Exalted
[ ] BW Boundaries Crossed
[ ] BW Plasma Storm
[ ] BW Plasma Freeze
[ ] BW Plasma Blast
[ ] BW Legendary Treasures
[ ] XY Kalos Starter Set
[ ] XY
[ ] XY2 Flashfire
[ ] XY3 Furious Fist
[ ] XY4 Phantom Forces
[ ] XY5 Primal Clash
[ ] XY6 Roaring Skies
[ ] XY7 Ancient Orgins
[ ] XY8 Break Through
[ ] Double Crisis
[ ] BW Dragon Vault
[ ] XY Trainer Kit
[ ] XY Trainer Kit Bisharp & Wigglytuff
[ ] XY Trainer Kit Latias & Latios
[ ] Black Star Promo Cards numbered BW01 and higher
[ ] Black Star Promo Cards numbered XY01 and higher.
[ ] Macdonald's Collection

[ Format: Age Modified Swiss ]
In this format, Players will have to play a number of Swiss rounds(Best of 1 or Best of 3) appropriate for the number of players in attendance. Players are

paired against other players with the same, or similar, match record.
Depending on the age group of participants for this Tournament, the Tournament Organizer may separate the players into groups according the the Pokémon

Organized Play's Age Division.
o Junior Division: Born in 2005 or later
o Senior Division: Born in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
o Masters Division: Born in 2000 or earlier

Hoopa Distribution Instructions