Theme Decks

Resilient Life

 Theme Deck

It never rains but it pours for your opponent when you bring the Mystic Typhoon theme deck to battle! Muddle your opponents’ minds with Meowstic’s Ear Influence attack, and turn a tide of damage upon them with Walrein’s Big Tusk! Keep the Energy flowing with Milotic’s sacrificial Energy Grace Ability, and dig up more cards to create the perfect storm with Furret’s Buried Treasure Hunt before unleashing waves of fury boosted by the Muscle Band Trainer card. Can anyone weather your storms?

Destruction Rush

 Theme Deck

Lightning strikes and fires rage when you bring the Brilliant Thunder theme deck to battle! Harness the might of Pidgeot’s Strong Gust to deliver booming blows to your foes. Bring your opponents to their knees as you buffet them with the thunderous strike force of Lopunny and Heliolisk! Fuel the ferocious flames with Fiery Torch and, as the sky begins to fall on your adversaries, deliver the final word with Snorlax’s Sleepy Press! As the smoke clears, will you leave your opponents thunderstruck?

Expansion Description

Ignite the action with Fire-type Pokémon as the awesome Mega Charizard-EX makes its scorching debut in this breathtaking expansion. Your explosive adventures will continue as your foes flee the field with certain doom flashing before their eyes!


While Charizard-EX deservedly gets most of the spotlight in the XY—Flashfire expansion, it's not the only Pokémon worth noticing. In fact, there are three more Pokémon-EX in the expansion that are all strong in their own ways: Magnezone-EX (101/106) can deal major damage to your opponent's bench, Toxicroak-EX (102/106) dishs out a particularly powerful Poison, and Kangaskhan-EX (103/106) can help you draw cards when you need them. Check them out!

There are a lot of powerful cards in the XY—Flashfire expansion, but make no mistake—this is Charizard's time to shine. With two Charizard-EX and two Mega Charizard-EX to build a deck around, you have plenty of ways to develop winning strategies with the awesome Flame Pokémon.

The two Charizard-EX have their own strengths. The first (11/106) allows you to get Fire Energy from your deck easily, and the second (12/106) has more ways to do greater damage.

The two Mega Charizard-EX open up a range of deck-building opportunities based on their different types: one is a Fire-type Pokémon (13/106), and the other is a Dragon-type Pokémon (69/106). No matter which you choose to use, you can't go wrong—each has more than 200 HP and an attack that does a staggering 300 damage!


Get ready to scorch your competition with the combination of power and flexibility of the new Charizard cards in the XY-Flashfire expansion!