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Nintendo 3DS XL Registration
Thank you for purchasing the Nintendo 3DS XL.
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Warranty and Service Information

This warranty is only valid if the product has been used in accordance with the instruction manual provided within.
This Warranty covers only the hardware and does not include in its scope any software or accessories purchased
This Warranty is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase subject to the above conditions being fulfilled.

*You must produce your sales reciept as a proof of purchase when you send your product for servicing.

This Warranty is only valid for products purchased in Singapore and Malaysia.
This Warranty does not cover any consequential or incidental loss or damages arising from the use of the product
This Warranty does not cover any problems ocurring due to electrical short circuits, gas leakages, fires, earthquakes, typhoons, natural or nuclear calamities or any problems due to seepage of water, any liquids or any kind of corrosion.

This Warranty shall not apply if this product:

has been opened or serviced at any non-Nintendo authorised service centre
is used with products not sold or licensed by Nintendo (Including, but not limited to, non-licensed game enhancement and copier devices, adapters and power supplies)
is damaged by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, or by other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship
has the serial number altered, defaced or damage
is modified or tampered with
Upon submitting this form, I confirm that I have read the information stated above and I understand the Terms and Conditions in regards to the warranty for this product. Maxsoft Pte Ltd reserves the rights to amend any of the Terms and Conditions without prior notices.